Top Priorities

  • Hold regional advocacy-training events throughout the state to empower and refine marijuana activists, with a focus on messaging and political engagement.
  • Publish a General Election Voter Guide. We’re working with our coalition partners (especially Texas NORML) to survey candidates for the state House and Senate. The candidates’ answers will be published on the coalition’s web site, which will be promoted via the various coalition partners’ email lists.
  • Work with coalition partners to amend the Texas Republican Party’s platform to support marijuana policy reform.
  • Prepare to amend the Compassionate Use Program vai legislation during the 86th Legislative Session. Specifically, we’ll attempt to add qualifying conditions (such as cancer, AIDS, PTSD, chronic pain, and multiple sclerosis), expand the legal strains of marijuana to include higher levels of THC, and correct the flawed “prescription” language.
  • Prepare to re-introduce a bill to repeal criminal consequences for low-levels of marijuana possession (less than one ounce). This means no arrest, now jail time, and no criminal record which automatically eliminates many of the collateral sanctions currently associated with an arrest for marijuana possession.
  • Continue organizing in key legislative districts, for the purpose of building grassroots and legislative support for the civil-penalties bill that we hope to pass in the state legislature in the spring of 2019.



Grassroots Action for Legislative Reform