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Most Texans agree that our state’s marijuana laws should be reformed. Current penalties are harsh and unreasonable. It’s time for a change!

You’ll find links to resources below, including a video of our recent Legislative Advocacy Workshop, which we hosted with our allies, Texas NORML and Republicans Against Marijuana Prohibition.

The Texas House of Representatives and Senate meet every two years for an intense legislative session that lasts approximately 140 days. This is the only way to change marijuana laws in our state. Watch this workshop to learn more about:

– Legislative Process and Timeline (Including COVID Restrictions)
– Priority Policy
– Cannabis Legislation
– Meeting with Legislators
– Preparing for Hearings/Crafting your Testimony
– And more!

Presentation Slides (PDF)

Advocacy is a critical part of our movement for reform! Individuals sharing personal or professional experiences with lawmakers have brought about unprecedented progress. Let’s keep up the momentum!

Advocate Resources

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