TxMJPolicy | Contact Lawmakers

Marijuana law reform is supported by the vast majority of Texans, regardless of political affiliation. Our government is lagging behind!

It is very important that voters like you contact lawmakers to express your support of reform. Elected officials need to hear from their constituents. After all, they can’t represent you if they don’t know you.

Please consider the following actions to express your support of reform!

Email your State and Federal Lawmakers

  1. Repeal Marijuana Prohibition – Legalize Adult Use!
  2. Reduce Penalties for Possession!
  3. Make the Compassionate Use Program more inclusive!

    FEDERAL ACTION: Tell Congress to legalize marijuana!

Call your State and Federal Lawmakers

Click here to find the names and phone numbers who represent you. Here’s what to say when you call:

Hello, my name is [YOUR NAME] calling from [CITY]. I’d like to speak with someone about marijuana policy.

I’m calling to express my support of marijuana law reform. Current policies are failing us and I’d like to see my representative/senator leading with legislation to repeal prohibition. We’d be better off legalizing marijuana, or at least decriminalizing it. We arrest too many people, derailing their lives and wasting valuable law enforcement resources.

Can I count on Rep. [NAME] to lead on this important issue?

Remember to always be polite and respectful.

Social Media

Remember to always be respectful to others, even on social media.

The internet and social media allow us tremendous opportunity to share information and rally support for important causes. Follow your legislators on social media and chime in on conversations. Bring up marijuana policy when appropriate, providing links to reputable articles or reports.

You can tag your legislators in posts and encourage them to support marijuana law reform.