Update: HB 1535 Passed the Senate Last Night (Good/Bad News)

Last night the Texas Senate unanimously approved HB 1535, which expands access to the Compassionate Use Program to include all cancer patients and those with PTSD. The bill also raises the cap on THC to 1% and establishes Institutional Review Boards to facilitate research and track the effectiveness of low-THC cannabis for participating patients.

While this is a step forward, it’s disappointing that the Texas Legislature continues to inch ahead while other states (most recently, Alabama!) take meaningful action to allow safe and legal access to medical cannabis. Texas patients deserve better, so we’ll keep fighting!

Learn more about this legislation and ask lawmakers to reinstate chronic pain as a qualifying condition!

Penalty Reduction for Cannabis Concentrates/Infused Products:
Rep. Moody’s HB 2593 is pending approval in the House after passing the Senate. Negotiations are being made to remove the delta-8 ban from the bill (if possible). More info here.

As the end of session draws near, many of us are left with a bitter sweet taste in our mouths. Don’t lose heart! Against all odds, advocates have worked to educate lawmakers and push for meaningful changes to our state law. In honor of all their hard work and perseverance, we are hosting an End of Session Party in Austin (May 31)I hope you’ll join us!