Legislative Update | Texas Marijuana Policy (May 25, 2021)

As we approach the end of the legislative session, we have seen the power of the grassroots. Thank you for your contributions to our movement for reform!

Two bills are nearing the finish line. Here’s the latest:

House Bill 1535 (expanding compassionate use) was finally given a hearing yesterday afternoon. It was amended and passed unanimously. The bill was amended to allow access for all patients with cancer and PTSD, but not chronic pain. Notably, they removed the provision that would have empowered the Department of State Health Services to add new qualifying conditions. Disappointingly, the committee also reduced the cap on THC from 5% to 1% by weight. Learn more and take action here.

HB 1535 is on today’s Intent Calendar in the Senate. This does not necessarily mean it’ll be voted on today — but it could!

House Bill 2593 (reducing penalties for THC concentrates/infused products) was passed by the House with bipartisan support. Controversially, the Senate added a provision that establishes a definition for “total THC” to include isomers like delta- 8 THC. If passed, products high in delta-8 THC would be subject to the same penalties as delta-9 THC.

Because it was amended, the House has two options: 1) accept changes or 2) establish a conference committee to reconcile differences (led by Rep. Moody). More info here.

We are taking the good with the bad and working to improve both of these bills as they make their way through the process. Please stay tuned to our emails for updates and action alerts!

Invitation: End of Session Party | Monday, May 31 at 4:20pm in Austin