Update: Penalty Reduction and Hemp Hearings Scheduled in the Senate!

With 15 days left in the session, several bills are still making their way through the process!

MONDAY: HB 2593, authored by Speaker Pro Tempore Joe Moody, would reduce possession of two ounces or less of THC concentrate or cannabis infused products from a felony to a Class B Misdemeanor. THC concentrates include oils used in vape pens, tinctures, or infused lotions. Infused edible products like baked goods or lozenges are also included in this penalty group.  Arrests will be up to officer discretion. This bill is scheduled for a hearing on Monday, May 17th in the Senate State Affairs Committee. 

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TUESDAY: HB 3948, authored by Representative Tracy King, would establish a hemp research program, address consumable hemp products and cleans up some language in the statute. This bill is scheduled for a hearing on Tuesday, May 18th in the Senate Water, Agriculture & Rural Affairs Committee. 

Last week, the deadline for bills to make it out of the House passed. This means that no more bills can advance from that chamber. Here is where we stand in the Senate: