Racial Disparity and Social Justice in Texas | Online Event

Join Informed Texas on January 18 for “Racial Disparity and Social Justice in Texas”, a timely examination of the intersection of cannabis and race. Esteemed presenters will cover:

ᐧ How Cannabis Works 
ᐧ Racial Disparity in Policing for Cannabis Possession 
ᐧ Expunction Workshop 
ᐧ Texas Patient Study: What Can We Learn? 
ᐧ Social Equity: How Can We Do Better?
ᐧ Panels:
ᐧ Examining Racial Disparity and Social Justice in Texas 
ᐧ Medicine, Science and Research

Learn more and register here.

After the tutorial airs on 1/18/21, it will be available for on-demand replay so that you can watch at your leisure.

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