Recap: Texas Marijuana Policy Conference was a success!

It was a pleasure to host the second annual Texas Marijuana Policy Conference and I’m so grateful for everyone who made it a great event. BIG THANKS to the hundreds who attended, our generous sponsors, dedicated volunteers, and valued partner organizations. Teamwork is key to making legislative progress and we’ve got a great team!

Our two headlining speakers were Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg and State Senator José Menéndez. Both elected officials are assets to our movement toward reform and offered powerful speeches at the conference last weekend. 

Harris County DA Kim Ogg

From the Statesman, August 31 – DA Ogg: “‘When I proposed to Houstonians that I thought it was more important to spend that money testing 8,000 rape kits that have been left on the shelves of Harris County for almost a decade, the public agreed,’ Ogg said to loud applause in a crowded ballroom at the downtown Sheraton Hotel. ‘It’s what our people wanted us to do.’

“Most recently, Harris County has said it will reject all new marijuana cases without testing, which is now required to distinguish illegal marijuana from legal hemp and comes at a high cost. Most other large Texas counties, including Travis County, have followed suit.”

And Sen. Menéndez said during his passionate speech:

 “I filed the legislation because i think it’s simple: government needs to stop picking winners and losers for choosing medicine when there are alternatives that are effective ways to treat patients and their families.

“It should be doctors and patients deciding medication. It should be the doctors practicing medicine, not the legislature.”

Texas Veterans for Medical Marijuana were interviewed by Spectrum News:

More photos and videos from the event will be uploaded to our Facebook page as soon as they’re ready later this week. (Follow our page for social media updates.)

Our journey toward the 2021 legislative session has begun and there is a lot of work to do!

As we look toward the future, please consider ways you can join or step up your involvement in our efforts to change laws. One of the best ways to help is by becoming a sustaining member with a monthly contribution. Reliable grassroots support every month goes a long way in helping us build and maintain momentum! Become a sustaining member today.

Over the next several months, we’ll be working to empower advocates and rally support for reform by:  

  • offering updates on the regulatory progress for hemp and medical cannabis,
  • hosting regional advocacy training events,
  • recruiting policy experts, medical professionals, and subject matter specialists,
  • publishing a primary and general election voter guide,
  • supporting political convention delegates,
  • engaging media statewide,
  • and preparing for the third annual Texas Marijuana Policy Conference!

Thank you for your support and dedication to our shared cause.


(Photography courtesy Kelsi Leigh.)

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