Texas: Medical cannabis must be approved in the Senate by Wednesday. Take action now!

The 2019 legislative session comes to a close in one week and one medical cannabis bill is still alive and moving!

On Friday, a senate committee quickly voted to approve HB 3703, a proposal to make low-THC cannabis available to those with all seizure disorders, multiple sclerosis, terminal cancer, incurable neurodegenerative disease, autism, ALS and spasticity. However, conditions such as PTSD, colitis, severe pain and more were not included on the list of qualifying conditions. (Bill overview as amended in committee.)

The next few days are critical. We have one last opportunity to improve the bill by supporting amendments during the Senate floor debate. It is imperative that your state senator hears from you now!

Medical cannabis must be voted on in the Senate by close of business on Wednesday, May 22nd.

Originally, this bill only included three conditions, but after hearing from thousands of Texans, lawmakers expanded that list. Our engagement is working!

  1. Email your senator in support of more inclusive access to medical cannabis.
  2. Call your state senator’s office. Here’s an example of what to say when you call:

“Hello, my name is __________. I’m calling as a constituent and in support of HB 3703, the medical cannabis bill sponsored by Dr. Campbell. This bill expands the Compassionate Use Program, which I fully support. In addition to the qualifying conditions listed, I’d also like my senator to support the inclusion of patients with PTSD, severe pain, and other debilitating medical conditions. Our state also needs to start doing research on cannabis. Please ask my senator to support HB 3703 and amendments to make it more inclusive. Thank you.”

​Please share this information with every Texan you know who supports reform.

Thank you for taking action during this final push! So many patients simply cannot wait another two years.


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