TEXAS: Medical cannabis bill scheduled for a hearing on Friday in the Senate!

Last week, the Texas House passed two limited medical cannabis bills (HB 1365 and HB 3703). Both bills are very limited in scope and have arrived in the Senate, but only HB 3703 has been referred to committee. The Health and Human Service (HHS) Committee promptly scheduled a hearing for the bill, which will happen this Friday, May 17th.

HB 3703 is Rep. Stephanie Klick’s proposal to make low-THC cannabis available to those with all seizure disorders, multiple sclerosis, and spasticity, but it leaves behind those who need THC or have an unlisted medical condition like cancer, PTSD, and severe pain.

We’re disappointed that so many patients are excluded with this proposal and will continue working to amend the bill. We want a medical cannabis program that is more inclusive and doesn’t get in the way of a doctor’s ability to treat their patient!

Here’s what you can do to help:

1) Contact your senator in support of medical cannabis!

2) Email your support of an inclusive medical cannabis program to the HHS committee members!

Please note that things can change very quickly toward the end of the legislative session. To get the most up to date information, follow live updates in our event page.

Hearings in the Senate work differently than those in the House. Legislators have requested that advocates register in support of the bill. You must be present at the Capitol in order to do so. Here’s more information about Senate Hearings.

Thank you for your continued support and advocacy for more sensible and compassionate marijuana policies!

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