Texas: Did your legislators support marijuana law reform?

Texas Marijuana Policy
Voting Records for Texas Legislators, 2015-2017

During the 2017 legislative session, advocates for marijuana law reform earned unprecedented support from Texas lawmakers. More than half of the House signed on to a bill that would have established a comprehensive medical cannabis program. HB 2107 would have made the Compassionate Use Program workable and more inclusive for Texas patients. Did you representative sign on as a co-author of the bill?

Chairman Moody’s HB 81 would have eliminated the threat of arrest, jail time, and criminal record currently associated with small amounts of marijuana. The bill was passed out of committee and scheduled for a vote by the House of Representatives, but was beat by the clock. Forty-one members of the House signed on as co-authors of the proposal. Was your representative one of them?

Find out with two steps!

  1. Identify your Texas state legislators here.
  2. Find their voting records here.

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