Medical cannabis has unprecedented support in the Texas House. Now what?

Last Tuesday night, the Public Health committee considered public testimony in support of HB 2107 until nearly 2 a.m. Patients, including military veterans, caregivers, and medical professionals shared their stories and experiences with an attentive and thoughtful committee. The next day, the legislation gained significant traction, jumping from five to over 70 representatives signing on as either joint or co-authors. (Currently 77 co-authors.)

On Friday, the Public Health Committee who voted to advance HB 2107 with an historic vote of 7-2!

Now, the bill is in the hands of the Calendars Committee, which will decide if it gets a vote before the entire House of Representatives!

If passed into law, this bill will make the Compassionate Use Program more inclusive for patients with debilitating medical conditions. With bipartisan support, we are seeing unprecedented support for medical cannabis in the Texas House.

Here’s how you can help:

1) Contact your representative to express your support for safe and legal patient access to medical cannabis. Emails, calls, Tweets, and Facebook messages with them tagged are all great ways to politely ask for their support.

Email your representative easily here.
Find your representative’s phone number and a sample message here.

2) Email the Calendars Committee and ask them to add HB 2107 to the agenda for a vote. You can email them all easily here.

3) Share this page with your friends and family who support medical cannabis in Texas!

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