Dallas passes new, improved marijuana policy


On Wednesday, the Dallas City Council approved an ordinance that attempts to reduce the damage done by Texas’ outdated statewide marijuana policy: Those found with four ounces or less of marijuana will no longer face an initial arrest. This approach will spare the individual a degrading trip to jail, and it’ll save valuable law enforcement resources. Well done, Dallas!

We’ve seen Harris County take a very unique approach, thanks to their bold District Attorney. Now, we see Dallas joining several other cities by ceasing to arrest for low-level marijuana possession. Instead, they will issue a summons. Unfortunately, however, due to harsh state laws, this still requires the individual to face a judge, six months of jail time, and criminal conviction at a later date.

Click here to encourage your legislators’ support of Chairman Joe Moody’s HB 81, which  eliminates the arrest, jail time, and criminal record currently associated with an ounce or less of marijuana in Texas. Then, spread the word to other sensible Texans!

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