Texas House Bill 81 has been scheduled for a hearing!

Monday, March 13: Criminal Jurisprudence Committee to Consider HB 81

House Bill 81, authored by Chairman Joe Moody (D) and Rep. Jason Isaac (R) , would eliminate the arrest, jail time, and criminal record associated with low-level marijuana possession. The bill will be considered by the Criminal Jurisprudence Committee on Monday, March 13th.

Call to Action!

1)  To show your support for the bill, come to the Texas State Capitol and sign up in support of HB 81.  You can register your support starting at 8 a.m. and until the conclusion our hearing. (Instructions and a video demo.)

2)  Provide the committee a testimonial if you have personal or professional experience. Testimony can be provided several ways: written and submitted via email to the committee clerk (Rachel.Wetsel_hc@house.texas.gov), written/printed (12 copies) and submitted in person on the day of the hearing, or verbally to the committee (2 minutes).

When visiting the Capitol, please always dress professionally.

We will have a large volume of witnesses, so unless you have been arrested or convicted for a small amount of cannabis, or you are someone with particular expertise, it is best to simply register your support. If you plan to stay and testify in person, please let us know (info@txmjpolicy.org) so we can coordinate testimony, and please bring 12 copies of your printed testimony to submit to the committee clerk.

Unable to travel to Austin? You can still help! Contact your legislators in support of sensible marijuana policy. Also, follow this Facebook event for live updates and a link to the live stream.