TxMJPolicy: Key Committees Appointed!

Does your representative or senator serve on one of these key committees? Contact them now!

Legislative committee members are the first lawmakers to vet bills up for consideration. If your representative or senator serves on a committee that will consider marijuana law reform, it’s especially important that they know you want this issue to be a priority.

Here’s how you can help!

Step 1: Identify your state legislators and their voting records here.

Step 2: If either of them are on one of these key committees, please make contact via phone or email to ask for marijuana policy to be made a priority. Be sure to thank them for their service!

“Hello, my name is ______. I’m a constituent calling from ______, Texas. I’m calling with regard to marijuana law reform. This issue is very important to me and I’d like Representative/Senator _______ to make it a priority. Please send along my gratitude for his/her service. Thank you.”

If you have a personal story to share, please feel free to do so.

House Committee: Public Health (Medical Cannabis)

​Senfronia Thompson – Chair​ ​John Wray – Vice Chair​
​Garnet Coleman​ ​Boddy Guerra​
​Eddie Lucio III​ ​Bill Zedler​
​Steve Allison​ ​Steve Allison​
​James Frank​ ​Lina Ortega​
​Four Price​ ​JD Sheffield​

Senate Committee: Health and Human Services (Medical Cannabis)​

Lois Kolkhorst – Chair​ ​John Wray – Vice Chair​
Dawn Buckingham​ ​Donna Campbell​
​Pete Flores​​ ​Nathan Johnson​
Borris Miles​​ ​Kel Seliger​​

House Committee: Criminal Jurisprudence (Reducing Penalties)​​

Nicole Collier – Chair​ Bill Zedler – Vice Chair​​
Jessica Gonzalez​ ​Joe Moody​​
​Keith Bell​ ​Todd Hunter​
Phil King​ Andrew Murr​​​
​Leo Pacheco​

Senate Committee: Criminal Justice (Reducing Penalties)​​

John Whitmire – Chair​ Joan Huffman – Vice Chair​
Dawn Buckingham​​ Pete Flores​
Bryan Hughes​​ Borris Miles​
Charles Perry​​
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