Help Texans Who Need Medical Marijuana Today!

Texas touts itself as a state that treasures individuals rights, yet we are denied medical freedom. What can you do?

Today, nearly 70% of Americans live in a state with legal access to medical marijuana, including every state surrounding Texas, but Texans are denied medical freedom.

With your help, this can change!

For years, we have been working to give patients access to medical marijuana in Texas and reduce penalties for low-level possession.

Right now, we have strong bipartisan support for reform in the Texas Legislature and a record-setting number of bills — 59 — have been introduced for consideration. There’s a very small window to turn these bills into laws before the session ends in May.

We Need Your Help!

Thousands of Texas veterans, cancer patients and those suffering with other debilitating medical conditions can find relief with medical marijuana — without the harmful side effects other drugs have. Right now families have to travel out of state to find relief through medical marijuana.  We think that’s just wrong.

Our new Texans for Medical Marijuana video shares the stories of a veteran, a terminal cancer patient and chronic pain sufferer whose lives can be vastly improved with legal access to medical marijuana.

Your donation will be split between Texas NORML and Texans for Responsible Marijuana Policy.  Both these groups have worked tirelessly for many years to make fair and compassionate marijuana laws a reality in Texas.

Your donation ensures we can deliver these critical action items for this current session:

  • Lobbying of state legislators, regulatory agencies & community leaders
  • Effective grassroots mobilization & coalition building
  • Education and media outreach

Now is the time to make a change in our laws so Texans have safe and legal access to medical marijuana!

Let’s Get This Legislation Across the Finish Line in 2019!