March 29 | Meeting Confirmation

Thank you for your service in the Legislature and for your participation in our Texas Marijuana Policy Virtual Lobby Day!

We have a virtual meeting room set up for you and the constituents in your district. If you cannot attend personally, they’ll be happy to meet with a member of your staff.

Please follow the appropriate link below to confirm your participation.

Virtual Lobby Day Schedule

Texas House Districts 1-50
Texas Senate Districts (All)
Texas House Districts 51-100
Texas House Districts 101-150

You’ll be joined by constituents who care deeply about marijuana law reform, many of whom have personal experiences to share. Some may have been arrested for marijuana possession and suffer from the collateral consequences of a permanent criminal record. Others may be patients or caregivers who need access to the Compassionate Use Program.

This one-hour meeting will be hosted through Zoom and advocates will have been prepped in advance to ensure a professional visit. While we will have volunteers available, we will rely on you to moderate the discussion.

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns. Email: