Texas House Committee Hearing: Marijuana Penalty Reduction | (HB 1086)

Today, the Texas House Committee on Criminal Jurisprudence will host a hearing for HB 1086, Rep. Moody’s proposal to adjust weight limits and penalties for possession of larger amounts of marijuana (among other changes to the prison system).

The hearing will begin at 2pm (or whenever the House adjourns for the day). If you support this bill, you can testify in person or click here to submit written comments electronically. A live video broadcast of this hearing will be available here.

ACTION: Please take a moment to let your legislator know that you support reducing penalties for marijuana possession!

More Information About HB 1086

HB 1086 broadly reforms our criminal justice system. The bill eliminates the state jail felony (SJF) system and reduces most SJFs to misdemeanors. HB 1086 would impact marijuana policy by adjusting weight limits and reducing penalties for possession of marijuana flower* and small amounts of THC concentrates. 

*Marijuana flowers are commonly known as the buds of a cannabis plant that contain more than .3% THC.

How to Support HB 1086:

  1. NEW: Submit your support and/or written comment electronically: https://comments.house.texas.gov/home?c=c220 
  2. Register your support at the Capitol: https://mytxlegis.capitol.texas.gov/HWRSPublic/About.aspx

COVID Guidelines: https://house.texas.gov/committees/public-access-house-committee-meetings/