Dallas Police Chief: No More Arrests or Citations for Personal Amounts

Dallas Police Chief Eddie Garcia is pushing a new proposal. If adopted, Dallas police officers would “no longer cite or arrest most people who are found to be in possession of fewer than two ounces of marijuana,” according to a report by NBCDFW.

Tomorrow, Deputy Chief Reuben Ramirez will offer this presentation to the city’s nine-member Public Safety Committee. The meeting begins at 1pm and will be live streamed here. You can find the full meeting agenda here.

Arresting and prosecuting people for marijuana possession is a waste of public safety resources. If the Dallas City Council agrees with Chief Garcia, this will be another good step for Dallas.

Of course, it also highlights the patchwork policy we have instituted across Texas. We need statewide marijuana law reform! CLICK HERE to contact your legislators about eliminating the threat of arrest and jail time for low-level marijuana possession.

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