Texas: Marijuana bills can be filed one year from today!

Our Texas Legislature will meet from January through May of 2021, but the pre-filing period begins exactly one year from today! This is the period of time before the formal legislative session when our newly elected lawmakers can file legislation, including bills to reform our state’s terrible marijuana policies.

The Texas Senate was hamstrung by Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick and our elected senators never got to vote on a decriminalization bill. Over the next year, and in spite of many local law enforcement officers issuing citations rather than making arrests, more than 60,000 people will be prosecuted for simple marijuana possession in our state. It’ll be an unnecessary strain on our criminal justice system and two-thirds of those prosecuted will end up with a criminal record, hindering their access to higher education, employment opportunities, child custody, and even housing. It’s past time for a change!

Here’s what you can do today:

   1) Contact your senator in support of reform.
   2) Contribute toward our efforts during the interim.

We’re working closely with Texas NORML to produce a Texas Marijuana Policy Voter Guide to help reformers like you know exactly where the candidates stand on this important issue. We’re also preparing for another series of FREE regional advocacy workshops throughout the state. Details will be forthcoming, but you can follow this Facebook event page now for updates.

Special Note: Today is Veterans Day and many Texas veterans continue their service through advocacy!

Led by Army Major David Bass (ret.)Texas Veterans for Medical Marijuana continues to grow in size and influence. Over the weekend, dozens of veterans from across the state marched in parades, bringing awareness to their need for legal access to cannabis.

Thank you for your leadership, Major Bass!