TxMJPolicy Update: Only two weeks left until the legislature adjourns!

There are only two weeks left in the legislative session and our state’s “leadership” has gone to extraordinary lengths to obstruct our tremendous progress. Let’s keep pushing!!

Texas Marijuana Policy Update 

Penalty Reduction Update: After passing overwhelmingly in the House with bipartisan support, HB 63 sits on Lt. Governor Dan Patrick’s desk awaiting referral to a committee for further consideration and advancement. The bill would reduce penalties for low-level marijuana possession, preserving valuable public safety resources and keeping a marijuana charge from derailing a person’s life. Sadly, Lt. Gov. Patrick is impeding the legislative process based on his personal opinion, which is out of step with Texas and even his own political party. Email Lt. Governor Dan Patrick and ask him to reconsider his position!

Then, call his office: (512) 463-0001. Here what to say when you call:

Hello, my name is ___. It has come to my attention that the Lieutenant Governor is impeding the legislative process by declining to refer HB 63 to The Criminal Justice Committee for consideration. I’m in strong support of this bill, which is supported by the vast majority of Texans, including more than 80% of the Texas GOP when they voted to include the subject in their party platform. I am requesting that the Lieutenant Governor reconsider his position and allow for a hearing in the Senate on this bill, which has bipartisan support. Thank you for your time.”

Please take an additional moment to email your senator in support of HB 63.

Medical Cannabis Update: Last week the Texas House passed two limited medical cannabis bills (HB 1365 and HB 3703). Both bills have arrived in the Senate, but only one has been referred to committee for a hearing. HB 3703 is Rep. Stephanie Klick’s proposal to make low-THC cannabis available to those with all seizure disorders, multiple sclerosis, and spasticity, but it leaves behind those who need THC or have an unlisted medical condition like cancer, PTSD, and severe pain.

We want a medical cannabis program that is more inclusive and doesn’t get in the way of a doctor’s ability to treat their patient. Contact your senator in support of medical cannabis!

Industrial Hemp Update: HB 1325 passed the Texas House unanimously, moved promptly to the Senate for a hearing, and was reportedly passed out of the Senate Agriculture Committee last week. The next step is for all senators to vote on legalizing industrial hemp in Texas. Contact your senator in support of HB 1325.

Stay tuned for updates on know how these issues are progressing and what you can do to help during this final stretch!

Please consider making a donation toward our efforts at the Capitol.

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