Texas: Medical Marijuana is up for a vote in the House today!

Our state’s Compassionate Use Program is unreasonably restrictive, leaving behind the vast majority of patients who can benefit from medical cannabis. Let’s make this program more inclusive!

Today in Austin, the Texas House of Representatives is scheduled to vote on two medical cannabis bills. One is good, but the other does very little to expand access or set Texas on a path toward a functional and meaningful medical marijuana program.

Please contact your representative in support of HB 1365, Rep. Lucio’s bill to expand the current program and create a cannabis research and review board with the power to add qualifying conditions and determine “dosages and formulations, including ratios of cannabinoids.”

Please also consider taking a moment to call your representative in support of the bill:

1. Identify your representative and their Capitol office phone number.

2. Call your Texas State Representative to ask that they vote YES for HB 1365 when it’s up for a vote today.

Here is a script you can use:

“Hello, my name is ___ and I am a constituent. I would like to request that my representative vote YES for Representative Lucio’s HB 1365, which is up for a vote today. This is important legislation that will improve the quality of life for countless patients and their families. Thank you for your time and the representative’s service. Have a great day!”

To receive updates throughout the day, including a link to the livestream when the bill is up for consideration, follow this Facebook event page.

I’ll send a follow up email when we know the result of the vote. Thank you for your support!

(Here’s a policy overview of HB 1365.)