TxMJPolicy Update: Hemp Passes House and Decriminalization Scheduled for Vote on Thursday!

Big News from the Texas Capitol!

INDUSTRIAL HEMP: Without any objection, the Texas House approved HB 1325 today, a bill to legalize in-state hemp production and sales! If passed into law, this legislation clears up the legal gray area surrounding hemp products, including CBD.

DECRIMINALIZATION: Rep. Joe Moody’s HB 63 has been scheduled for a vote in the Texas House on Thursday! This bill reduces penalties for low-level marijuana possession and will free up valuable criminal justice resources by eliminating the arrest, jail time, and collateral consequences currently associated with even small amounts of marijuana.


Please take a moment to ask your representative to support HB 63 when it’s up for a vote this Thursday, April 25.

Step 1: Identify your representative and their Capitol office phone number: https://wrm.capitol.texas.gov/home

Step 2: Ask them to support HB 63. Send a quick email, then call their office. You can say something like this when you call:

“Hello, my name is _______ and I am a constituent. I’m calling in support of Rep. Moody’s House Bill 63, a bill that will save valuable public safety resources by putting a stop to jailing people for small amounts of marijuana. The bill will also help people avoid a criminal record, allowing them to stay in school or the workforce. Please ask my representative to support Hb 63.”

Step 3: Share this action alert with your supportive friends, family, and neighbors!

We’re more than 80% of the way toward meeting our goal and need your help today. Please contribute toward marijuana law reform! 

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