Texas Public Health Establishes Subcommittee on Medical Marijuana

There are a record-setting 63 marijuana related bills up for consideration, including 17 proposals on medical marijuana!

In the Texas House, several bills have already been referred to the Public Health Committee for consideration. This is the first group of legislators tasked with approving or denying broader access to medical marijuana for patients with debilitating medical conditions.

This week, Chairwoman Senfronia Thompson established a Subcommittee on Medical Marijuana to vet the seven medical marijuana bills that have been referred so far. This subcommittee is made up of bipartisan membership, including Rep. Eddie Lucio, the author of HB 1365. His proposal would make the Compassionate Use Program more inclusive by adding to the list of qualifying conditions, removing the arbitrary cap on THC, and making several other changes to improve the functionality of the program.

The subcommittee will decide which bills get a hearing, then make a recommendation to the whole Public Health Committee. Rep. Lucio’s HB 1365 is the front runner with bipartisan support and several co-authors. We need your help to push this bill forward!

1) Ask your representative to co-author HB 1365Click here to do so easily.
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Thank you for your support and dedication to our shared cause!