Committee Hearing Scheduled for Texas HB 63 – Civil Penalty for Marijuana Possession

Texas House Bill 63 has been scheduled for a hearing!

On Monday, March 4, the Texas House Criminal Jurisprudence Committee will consider several bill, including Rep. Joe Moody’s HB 63. The bill earned bipartisan support early on and is the first marijuana related bill to be scheduled for a hearing this session.

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House Bill 63 makes it a civil offense ($250) to possess up to one ounce of marijuana in Texas. This change in the law eliminates the arrest, jail time, and criminal record associated with low-level marijuana possession. The penalty increases to a Class C Misdemeanor after three civil penalties. (Policy Overview.)

Meetup Location for Advocates: E1.010 (12pm-5pm or later) – We have reserved room E1.010 so we have a home base throughout the afternoon/evening. There is plenty of seating, power outlets, and we’ll be able to live stream the committee meeting. Meet us there for an update on the hearing schedule, help signing up in support of the bill, materials to deliver to your representative’s office, and for help with your testimony if you’re going to provide it to the committee.

Committee Hearing Room: E2.012 (2pm-?) – The House Criminal Jurisprudence Committee will begin its meeting at 2pm. There’s no way to know exactly when HB 63 will be considered, so plan on it being a long day. We could be at the Capitol late into the evening.

Provide the committee a testimonial if you have personal or professional experience. Testimony can be provided several ways:
– written and submitted via email. Submit here by noon on 3/3/19 –
– written/printed (12 copies) and submitted in person on the day of the hearing
– verbally to the committee (2 minutes).

Capitol parking info:

Learn more about the bill:

Ask your representative to co-author the bill:

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