Marijuana policy reform now supported by all political parties in Texas!

We’ve known for some time that a majority of Texans support reforming our state’s outdated and unreasonably harsh marijuana laws. Now for the first time, all political parties on the ballot in Texas have officially declared their support for reform!

In April, the Libertarian Party of Texas reaffirmed their long-held support for repealing prohibition entirely. Over the weekend, they were joined by the Texas Democratic Party. While they didn’t go quite as far, earlier this month, the Republican Party of Texas declared their support for several types of marijuana law reform, including a call on the legislature to replace criminal penalties for low-level possession with simple civil citations.

Finding common ground is critical in politics and this shift in opinion puts advocates in an excellent position to pass meaningful reform when the Legislature convenes in January!

Making the offense civil, rather than criminal, would eliminate the threat of arrest, jail time and (most importantly) the permanent criminal record currently associated with even small amounts of marijuana. That means Texans would not have their futures jeopardized for simply possessing marijuana, a plant we know to be objectively safer than alcohol, tobacco, and many prescription drugs.

Contact your Texas legislators now to let them know you support this sensible approach to marijuana policy!

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