VIDEO: Texas patients ask Governor Abbott for relief

Ask Governor Abbott to add medical cannabis to the special session!

Countless patients are needlessly suffering because Texas’ Compassionate Use Program is unreasonably restrictive. Advocates are calling on the governor to make patients a priority during the special session.

Will you join them? Contact Gov. Greg Abbott today, and ask him to allow lawmakers to take up medical cannabis legislation!

Currently, the program is limited to allowing patients with intractable epilepsy access to low-THC cannabis, a variation of the plant that helps very few. Worse, though, is that the role of doctors is flawed, making them vulnerable to federal interference.

During the regular legislative session, we saw tremendous bipartisan support for a bill that would have protected doctors and made this program more inclusive for patients suffering from debilitating medical conditions. More than half of the Texas House (78 representatives!) — including 30 conservative Republicans — signed on to the bill, demonstrating an unprecedented shift in opinion by lawmakers. Let’s keep up the pressure, Texas!

A special legislative session is underway, giving us another chance to improve this well-intentioned program. Advocates including patients, caregivers, veterans, and doctors are calling upon Governor Abbott to add medical cannabis to the special session agenda.

Please contact Governor Abbott and your legislators. Ask them to put compassion first and put people before politics! Then, share this message and video with other Texans, so that they, too, can raise their voices for compassion.