Sorry Texans: Medical marijuana still out of reach across state line

A new opinion piece appeared in the Texarkana Gazette that focuses on the inability for Texas residents to purchase medical marijuana in Arkansas.

There has been a lot of speculation on social media about what medical marijuana will mean to Arkansas and, specifically, the Twin Cities. The state line has always put the two Texarkanas in a unique situation, especially when it came to law enforcement. For example, for years the east side of the line was wet and the west was dry. Things have loosened up a bit in Bowie County in the past few years, but the Arkansas side still has a hold on hard liquor for retail sales.


Similar to the way Arkansas and Texas handled hard liquor sales, medical marijuana will only be available for access to patients who reside in Arkansas.

Marijuana for any purpose remains illegal in Texas and under federal law. Doctors have to be licensed in Arkansas to give the OK, and only Arkansas residents can obtain the medical marijuana card that allows them to buy in a legal dispensary.
Those who live in a state where medical marijuana is already legal, such as California and Nevada, and have a valid card from their home state will be allowed to buy in Arkansas. But Texas doesn’t allow medical marijuana. So if you are a Texas resident you are out of luck no matter what your medical needs. And we should add that mere possession is still illegal in Texas, and taking marijuana across state lines is not just a state but a federal offense.

Unfortunately for Texas citizens in need of medical marijuana, there is still no legal way to access dispensaries in Arkansas.

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