Texas Legislature adjourns without reforming marijuana laws. Where’s the silver lining?

They failed to improve the law, but progress was made thanks to you!

During the 2017 legislative session, we saw unprecedented progress in our effort to reform Texas’ outdated and inhumane marijuana laws!

Medical Cannabis

Introduced in House and Senate 

Bipartisan support with 77 co-authors

Public Hearing (outstanding testimony!)

Passed House committee with 7-2 vote!

Scheduled for a vote in the House.


Introduced in House and Senate

Bipartisan support with 41 co-authors

Public Hearing (outstanding testimony!)

Passed House committee with 4-2 vote!

Scheduled for a vote in the House.

Vote on by the House. (Beat by the clock.)

To bring about this historic change, advocates from around the state called, wrote, and visited with their legislators to express support for reform.

Texans from all corners of the Lone Star State filled the halls of our Capitol on lobby day and provided excellent testimony
during committee hearings.

We hosted training events, press conferences, educational exhibits and legislative briefings. 

We filmed key advocates and produced two videos, one featuring a Texas caregiver and the other featuring a Dallas police officer, which aired on television.

All of this work, executed with professionalism and passion, brought the reform movement closer than ever to our goal of repealing Texas’ failed policies of marijuana prohibition. Between sessions, we will continue educating our lawmakers, building relationships, empowering advocates, and publishing a voter guide so representatives can be held accountable.

We’re in it to win it, so let’s keep up the pressure! Please take a moment to thank the lawmakers who championed reform legislation this session.


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