Texas Action Alert: HB 81 is scheduled for a vote — deadline for passage is midnight!

Call your representative now in support of HB 81!

Chairman Joe Moody’s House Bill 81 has been co-authored 40 representatives, both Democrat and Republican, from across the state. It’s scheduled for a vote late tonight, so your representative needs to hear from you now!

Please make a moment to make the call. Then, send a quick email to reiterate your support for this important legislation.

If passed, HB 81 could protect as many at 70,000 Texans (annually) from being arrested and prosecuted for low-level marijuana possession. Not only does it remove the threat of arrest and jail time, the bill also ensures a path for individuals to avoid a criminal record and the collateral consequences that come along with it.

The Legislature is embarrassingly behind on their agenda. If HB 81 is put forward for a vote, it will be very late tonight. The deadline for passage is midnight. You can watch the proceedings here.

Please call and then email your representative in support of House Bill 81!