Texas marijuana policy reforms need your help

Ask your state legislators to stop jailing and criminalizing cannabis users and to make Texas’ medical marijuana program workable and inclusive!

The Texas legislative session is in full swing, and a dozen marijuana policy-related bills have been introduced for consideration. Our priorities in Texas include instituting a civil penalty (simple ticket) for low-level marijuana possession and making the Compassionate Use Program more inclusive for patients with debilitating medical conditions. Each of these proposals have been introduced in both the Texas House and Senate!
Please write your lawmakers in support of these long-overdue reforms: a simple ticket for simple possession and a truly compassionate medical cannabis program.
Then, check out this snapshot review of our priority legislation:
Civil Penalties:
House Bill 81, Chairman Joe Moody and Rep. Jason Isaac – Reduce penalties for low-level marijuana possession: no arrest, no jail time, no criminal record (policy overview)
Status: Referred to the House Criminal Jurisprudence Committee
Companion: Senate Bill 170, Sen. José Rodríguez. (Status: Referred to the Senate Criminal Justice Committee)
Medical Cannabis:
Senate Bill 269, Sen. José Menéndez – Make the Compassionate Use Program more inclusive: add qualifying conditions, lift cap on THC, make workable by fixing flawed “prescription” language (policy overview)
Status: Referred to the Senate Health & Human Services Committee
Companion: House Bill 2107, Rep. Eddie Lucio III and Rep. Jason Isaac. (Status: Filed)
Find a full Texas marijuana policy review here (all 12 bills), and share this email with any friends or family members who might be interested in supporting reform in Texas.

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