Texas Legislature opens with marijuana policy reform on the agenda

Ask your lawmakers to support a plan to reduce penalties for low-level marijuana possession and to improve Texas’ flawed medical cannabis program.

The Texas Legislature convened for the 2017 session today. Rep. Joe Moody reintroduced legislation that would replace Texas’ harsh criminal penalties for marijuana possession with a simple citation. His proposal would eliminate the threat of arrest, jail time, and — most importantly — the lifelong consequences of a criminal 14715679_10209775049145480_6969486123821188863_oconviction.

Please contact your lawmakers today, and ask them to support Rep. Moody’s sensible approach to marijuana policy.

Meanwhile, Sen. Jose Menéndez is leading the charge to fix Texas’ inadequate medical marijuana law. Effective medical marijuana programs have been created in 28 states, but Texas instead has an unreasonably restrictive law that leaves most patients behind and includes a fatal flaw. Let’s keep up the pressure! Let your lawmakers know you want the state to fix the broken Compassionate Use Act Gov. Abbott signed into law in 2015.

Please contact your lawmakers today and urge them to support more inclusive access to medical cannabis for Texas patients. Finally, please forward this email to your friends and family, and urge them to contact their lawmakers as well.

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