Marijuana legalization on the ballot in 9 states

Bret Vetter, KYTX 6:35 PM. CDT October 19, 2016
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For some, marijuana legalization is no laughing matter.

Tyler resident Angela Parkman believes more people would support full legalization if they were affected by it.

According to Parkman, “If they had a family member who had seizures and saw the side effects of the medicines that are now available cause, they would definitely be in favor of it.”

Passed in 2015, the Compassionate Care Act allows Texas doctors to prescribe low THC marijuana to patients suffering from severe seizures.

However, Federal law prohibits pharmacies from distributing Marijuana, which is why dispensaries are used in states where it is legal.

Therefore, the wording of the Texas law will have to change or the Federal law will have to be amended in order for the law to have it’s intended effect.

For those opposed to legalization, like Tyler resident Betty Carol, that’s a good thing.

“I don’t think it should be legalized because it leads to harder drugs and things,” said Carol.

As Americans head to the polls next month, nine states will decide whether to expand access.

Advocates with Texans for Responsible Marijuana Policy are in favor of a bill that would reduce the penalty for possession in Texas from jail to to a civil fine.

The group hopes to have a Texas legislator sponsor and draft the bill for consideration during the first legislative session in 2017.
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