Cannabis not danger it’s said to be

Posted: September 17, 2016 – 12:03am

Hemp is used to make rope among other things. It is also the source of what we call marijuana. I have used it off and on for many years with intervals dictated by jobs I held. I had about a 20-year lapse for a job in the oil field I held.

Now that I am retired I am fighting a battle to make cannabis legal in Texas under the auspices of NORML. I will no longer smoke cannabis until it is legal in Texas. In its place I will use a low THC, high CBD oil that I will use in my diffuser to enjoy the medical benefits of cannabidiol as an essential oil. CBD oil can be ordered on the internet.

Even very famous doctors like CNN’s Sanjay Gupta are calling for marijuana’s descheduling by the FDA. The evidence that marijuana is a danger to the user is simply not supported by the research. The ban on experimental studies of cannabis is not supported by any evidence. This means any kind of law against cannabis as a recreational drug is not supported by the scientific evidence. Alcohol kills us in the tens of thousands, while cannabis has no record of killing anyone.

Alcohol is a public menace while it remains legal and cannabis has no bad or deadly threats and is treated as a top-level killer, according to the idiotic DEA, which is one to the most useless federal government agencies. The drug war is over. We lost.

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