Grapevine girl heads west, hoping marijuana will ease her pain

By Mitch Mitchell | Fort Worth Star-Telegram

Grace Lummus-Nickell is 10 years old and has lived most of her life in pain.

She was born with McCune-Albright syndrome, a debilitating bone disease that has resulted in Grace having 10 surgeries, including the insertion of three titanium rods in her right leg.

The pain medicine she takes tends to make her sick and feel worse, she and her mother, Suezanne Lummus, said.

So earlier this month, the mother and daughter moved from their home in Grapevine to a rural area not far from Sacramento, Calif., where they are seeking a doctor to prescribe medical marijuana or a therapeutic derivative to make Grace’s pain manageable.

Grace Lummis-Nickell,10, is moving with her mother to California to seek treatment and pain relief from incurable bone disease. They are considering medical marijuana as an option, but it’s not available to her in Texas. Joyce Marshall, Star-Telegram

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