Poll: 71 percent of Texans support expanding medical marijuana access


Majority of Texans favor adding more health conditions to medical marijuana program.

The conservative state of Texas, infamous for harsh marijuana laws and traditionally strong anti-marijuana sentiment, appears to be warming to medical marijuana access and maybe even recreational marijuana, according to new polling data.

Texas lawmakers approved a CBD-only medical cannabis oil law for epilepsy patients in 2015.

Now according to a recent Texas Tegna Poll, 71 percent of Texas voters would support expanding the list of medical-marijuana qualifying conditions, as reported by KHOU.

According to the same poll, just 19 percent of Texas voters oppose expanding medical marijuana treatments to patients with other health problems, and 11 percent of voters were unsure of their position on the matter.

The Texas Tegna Poll found 41 percent of Texas voters support recreational marijuana use, while 49 percent oppose and 10 percent are unsure.

Although a majority of Texans are still opposed to legalizing recreational cannabis, support has been steadily increasing and opposition dropping little by little in recent years.

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