Los Angeles based marijuana school in town teaching some local residents

A Los Angeles based career institute makes its way to Austin. More than a dozen people signed up for the seminar, many entrepreneurs, looking to learn about the possibility of capitalizing off of cannabis.

The Cannabis Career Institute has representatives that travel all over the United States. They were at The Hampton Inn & Suites in Austin this weekend for a class to help people with possibly finding their next career in the medical marijuana field. “We’re helping people find their next career in the cannabis industry,” said director Jeff Riedel. “A lot of people who don’t understand the industry may think that it’s growers or sellers. There are so many other options that you can do,”

The seminar covers anything from dispensaries, growing, delivering, to just running a professional business, “Giving them a very good explanation, and a very good overview of what the industry can be and what the industry can be for them. We teach all over the country. Every state is a little bit different so we have help (to) explain what you can do locally,” Riedel said.

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