Former Model Turned Film Maker Advocates for Medical Marijuana

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When it comes to marijuana  it’s easy to stereotype a stoner.

“There’s been a stigma associated to marijuana since the 30`s, and I document some of this in our first film,” said Diana Oliver, Producer/Director of Thunderbird Productions.

The former model-turned-filmmaker has spent more than a decade making documentaries involving marijuana.

Her first film Hempsters: Plant the Seed follows the arrest of actor Woody Harrelson in 1996. His crime:  Planting hemp seeds.

“Woody is a very intelligent man and has done something for the movement that, frankly, nobody had the balls to do,” Oliver told NewsFix. “It was a 14-year journey. Willie Nelson’s in it, (so is) Mr. Merle Haggard. So I created 8 new films to follow that original film and one of them is called Miracle Medicine.”

Oliver says it’s her life’s work now to educate folks on the industrial uses of the wacky weed. And to get the Lone Star State to not be so toked up when it comes to the practical uses of marijuana.

“For the people who are worried about everybody becoming a pot head in the state of Texas, that’s not going to happen. I’m thrilled for Texas and thrilled to be a messenger for industrial hemp and medical marijuana.”


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