Early voting is underway in Texas!

Our Primary Voter Guide could help you decide which candidate gets your vote

Every Texas representative and most state senators are up for election this year. These are the individuals who will make policy decisions during the next legislative session. If we want to see marijuana laws changed, it’s important to:

1. Re-elect those who worked with us last year, and
2. Un-elect those who oppose more sensible marijuana policies!

Early voting for Texas’ primary is happening now through Friday, and Election Day is Tuesday, March 1. Here’s a link to our Primary Voter Guide where you can find out which candidates support marijuana law reform.

Confirm your registration and voting location here: https://teamrv-mvp.sos.texas.gov/MVP/mvp.doEarly Voting

Vote with a friend!

Encouraging a friend, neighbor, or family member to vote increases the likelihood that supporters of reform are elected to public office. Use the buddy system for voting!

After March 1, we’re likely to know which candidates will be serving at the Texas Capitol next year. This knowledge helps us to kick our lobbying efforts into high gear. We need all hands on deck!

Grassroots advocacy is our most critical tool for marijuana law reform. Legislators need to hear from you!