Dr. Is In: Dangerous Effects of Synthetic Marijuana

KiiiTV.com South Texas, Corpus Christi, Coastal Bend
Drugs have been in the news lately, especially in this area, connected with a spate of gang violence and killings.  Marijuana, opiates and cocaine are some of the usual suspects.  Recently, synthetic drugs have also been in the news.  Methamphetamine use has also been on the increase.  Another synthetic drug is synthetic marijuana.  Street names for this include spice and Kronic.  Initially, there was a claim that the synthetic marijuana obtained its affect on the mind through a combination of legally available herbs.  This has since been disproven and it is now known that the affect is due to synthetic cannabinoids.  This has a similar affect on the mind to naturally grown marijuana but in the long term is now known to result in severe reactions that were not associated with “natural” marijuana.  These reactions include psychosis, and withdrawal.  Many current urine drug screens are unable to detect metabolites of synthetic marijuana.  Most of these drugs are currently illegal in the United States.

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