America’s Top Cops Just Called the War on Drugs ‘A Tremendous Failure’

By Colleen Curry | Vice News

The top cops in America’s four biggest cities said on Wednesday that the war on drugs has failed to keep America safe and that it’s time to reform the country’s criminal justice system, a view now officially shared by more than 125 other prosecutors, sheriffs, attorneys general, and law enforcement leaders from across the US.

The police chiefs of Los Angeles, Chicago, and Houston appeared together in Washington, DC to explain a new initiative called Law Enforcement Leaders to Reduce Crime and Incarceration ahead of a meeting with President Barack Obama on Thursday afternoon. The chiefs and other law enforcement officials said their goals include reducing incarceration and protecting public safety.

“We share a common problem,” said co-founder Ronald Serpas, a former New Orleans police superintendent. “The way our country is currently approaching criminal justice is not ensuring public safety but is making our jobs more difficult. Arresting low level offenders prevents us from arresting high level offenders.”

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