Texas: Ask your representative to support amendments to SB 339 – “Low-THC” medical marijuana

Very soon, the Texas House of Representatives will consider SB 339, a TFRMP-logo-on-transparentbill intended to allow qualifying patients with intractable seizures to access medical cannabis high in CBD and very low in THC. Unfortunately, SB 339 falls short of its intended goal and would not help Texans unless it is amended.
As the bill stands now, it is not workable for Texas patients. It needs to be amended so that it does not require doctors to violate federal law by “prescribing” marijuana. Instead, their role should be limited to conduct protected by the First Amendment — “recommending” cannabis. This simple change can make the difference between a symbolic but ineffective law and one that would actually help Texans get relief from serious seizure conditions.
The bill should also be improved by amending it to expand the list of qualifying medical conditions and to allow patients to use strains that work best for them.
Make a quick call to your representative to ask him or her to support amending SB 339 to make it workable for Texas patients.
Thank you for taking ACTION!