Praying for Texas marijuana: Boots on the ground in pot’s biggest battlefield

Neal Pollack reports from Austin: Texas marijuana ‘has come a long way in one year,’ but there’s still a long journey ahead

By , The Cannabist Staff

AUSTIN, TEXAS — On a Wednesday night in early April, dozens of veterans with PTSD, several families of children with severe epilepsy, a wealthy suburban couple whose son’s life was ruined when he got caught smoking a roach, a Republican grandmother, a U.S. District judge, a professor from Houston, at least a dozen activists, a small handful of dedicated hippies and the guy who sells me pot walked into a basement hearing room in the annex of the Texas State Capitol building.

They’d come to testify on behalf of two Texas House bills, one that would decriminalize marijuana possession and one that would outright end marijuana prohibition in Texas forever. It was 9:30 p.m, and they’d been waiting all day for the regular business of the House to end so they could say their piece. They crammed the room.

Texas marijuana reform was a war of attrition that they planned to win.

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