Marijuana bills find unexpected windfall of support in Texas

May 7, 2015, 3:00pm CDT
by Kimberly Reeves

weed-marijuana-thinkstock*600xx2117-1410-0-0 The so-called “marijuana agenda” has seen a late spurt of success with the passage of three key bills out of a House committee and the Senate.

The bill with the best chance of getting out of both chambers this session is a small pilot project that would provide low-grade medical marijuana to those with intractable epilepsy. Parents who testified on the bill were vocal and passionate. That bill, Sen. Kevin Eltife’s Senate Bill 339, passed off the Senate floor, 26-5.

Heather Fazio of the Marijuana Policy Project said the idea that Texas, with so many conservative lawmakers, would pass a medical marijuana bill this session is huge. It also means Texas could join a growing number of states that would allow the use of marijuana for a limited range of medical uses, if it passes the House in time. The legislative session ends at the end of the month.

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