Simpson talks medical marijuana to Longview tea party group

Representative David Simpson (R-Longview)

Gregg and Upshur County’s state representative hinted Monday at the possibility of working for the legalization of medical marijuana while speaking to a Longview tea party group, some of his most ardent backers.

David Simpson, R-Longview, breached the topic in front of about 150 people as he laid out his plan for the next legislative session, which is set to begin next week.

“I am going to be pretty bold. I have heard some people in this community come to me again and again and again, in respect to a natural plant that God made, marijuana,” Simpson said. “There are people right in here in the district who are suffering from seizures. … They have tried all the pharmaceuticals and their daughter … has 15 to 20 seizures a day. They went to Colorado, and they went through all the hoops and tested some of the cannabis oil and she went 15 to 20 days without having a seizure.”

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