Legislators To Consider Marijuana Bills

BEAUMONT- by Haley Bull

Many advocates are pushing for the reform of marijuana in Texas this upcoming legislative session, including a group in Southeast Texas, NORML. Two bills, one to decriminalize marijuana and another to legalize medical marijuana are in the works, though each faces opposition from groups like the Texas Sheriff’s Association.

One Southeast Texan said the bills are potentially life-saving for him.

“It really works for some people, I’m not doing this for fun,” Jeremy Borque said.

The 38-year old said he’s used and relied on medical marijuana for more than 20 years to treat epileptic seizures.

“I’ve had to get my tongue put back together so many times it’s like hamburger meat. I’m glad I can talk to you all still. I bite through it everytime.,” Borque said. “But just a little bit of cannabis keeps me from doing that.”

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